Out on a Walk


My name is Gloriann.  The concept for this blog came to me the other day and this is my first attempt to bring it to life.  I am a person who loves walking.  Even in my college town, I love to explore new trails or new streets with a book-on-tape in my ears, good shoes on my feet and eyes open for all of God’s natural wonders (and some man-made, too!)

My second reason for making this blog is for heath reasons.  Almost a year ago I was diagnosed as having low thyroid hormones, or hypothyroidism.  This makes it hard for me to maintain a healthy body weight, among a slurry of other side effects.  Though I work out regularly at the gym (3x a week,) I wanted to start a more sustainable practice that will last after my free college membership expires.

Thirdly, I have been wondering about significance and meaning in my life.  I am reading a book by Donald Miller called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, in which the author writes about life as a story.   I do not want to be another one of those people who succumb to the societal trap of dieting and low self image (something I’ve worked on getting out of for a while, and I don’t want to turn back, thank-you-very-much!)  So, this is my humble attempt to incorporate my love for beauty, my love for walking and my love of body into one blog.  Enjoy <3.

Pictures from my walk to the local grocery store, a habit that I started last week.  There is something wonderful about only being able to carry what you need for the week, and not having a car in which to load the excess.  Only 1.34 miles, but its a wonderful neighborhood-y walk.


My destination.  This grocery store started in Mount Pleasant, and is now all over the state.  I like to think I’m supporting local business.

So icy!  Thats Michigan for ya!

And finally, a picture of the traffic as the sun is setting.  What a beautiful day for a walk!


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