Spring Break Walk!

Its my first day back home in good old Livonia.  My sister wanted to go on a walk, and I happily accepted 🙂

We have a lovely loop in my neighborhood that you can pick either 1.5 miles or 2miles, we chose 1.5 for today.

An adorable little purple fence that I had to take a picture of 🙂

My little sis and the pavement ahead.

This is quite possibly the most beautifully landscaped house in my neighborhood.  This picture really doesn’t do it justice.  Its filled with beautifully manicured bushes, arches and stone fairies.  I would love to see their backyard, but the front view has to suffice for now.

We came home to my dad cleaning out our old Caliber to trade it in for the new blue one.  Behind it is the new GREEN Caliber that my sister and I will be sharing!

Finally, a picture of me baking some gluten-free bread!  I have been reading a couple of thyroid books, and both say that intolerance to gluten may exacerbate symptoms.  So, my mom went out and got us some gluten-free products and we are trying them out!  The dough was pretty sticky!  The finished product was a biscuity texture, not exactly the bread we’re used to, but very good!

Enjoy the warmer weather all you Michiganians (or Michiganders!)


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