Rotary Park!

Hello everyone!  I peeled myself away from my Spring Break reading to get out to the park!  Just down the road from my house is Rotary Park, which has a lovely recreation area, playground and forest trails.  Here are a few pictures from today’s journey!

A snapshot from my walk there.  I like this part of the walk because there is a row of pine trees that make the path darker and more mysterious.

The entrance to the park!  Notice the walking path in the background.  Its good if you’re not up for a nature trail, but I was ready to hit the woods!

When I got there, the road to the park was blocked and the signs said “Park Closed.”  I was bummed, until I saw people ignoring the signs.  Sometimes I follow directions to a fault, so I was a rebel and walked around.  I’m pretty sure it just meant the baseball fields were closed ;).

Almost to the woods, the entrance is just to the right!

In the forest!  Two paths diverged in a snowy wood, and I took the one that looked less slushy…

…and it made absolutely no difference!  Ha ha, but it did make for a beautiful, reflective picture!

All in all, the walk was nearly 3 miles!  Its been a fun and relaxing break!


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