Walk to the ‘Bou

Hello everyone!  Today I had made plans to meet up with one of my old campers, Kaylee, for coffee at Caribou Coffee!  This was a long walk, but not very beautiful.  The only way to get there was along the main road.  That, coupled with gray overcast made for less-than-spectacular pictures, but here they are anyway…

The walk began in my neighborhood, with lots of pavement sprawled out before me!  A shout out to Julie Wingett, who saw me hoofing it on Six Mile!

Made it to the first major road, only one more to go!  To think, I’d usually drive this short distance to get groceries!  I took this picture shortly after I tripped and fell when I accidentally stepped on the uneven side of the pavement.  I got a nice scraped knee, but other than that I was okay!

This is the sign for our local mall, Laurel Park.  I’d spend many of my teenage days here!

This was the scariest part of my walk.  There is a place where the sidewalk ends (Shel Silverstein anyone?) and there is nothing but a patch of grass between you and the speeding cars going over the I275 overpass…

AHHHHH!  View from the overpass.  I put my camera away at this point and focused on not dying, haha.

After about two miles, I made it!  I got a yummy iced  Pomegranate Vanilla Tea Latte, because it was humid today!

Kaylee walked in a few minutes after I sat down.  I thought it was funny that she has just gotten off of school.  She is a Senior in high school this year, and she got a job at the camp I work at this summer!   After a good hour or so, she had to go to youth group and it was time for me to make my journey home.  Overall, it was about a 4 mile walk round trip!

In other news, my mom gets Fitness Magazine in the mail, and I was reading an article in it about the poor economy and how people are keeping fit despite their lack of funds.  Surprisingly, more and more people are turning to fitness to stay happy through hard times!   Walking is a very inexpensive way to get in your exercise, and it saves on gas to get where you’re going.

A latte tastes so much better when you’ve worked for it!

Also, I am on day four of being gluten-free!  It isn’t too hard, so I am going to finish out the week.  I don’t think I have an allergy, but we’ll see when I start adding wheat back into my diet.  Also, my blood test for my thyroid will be in tomorrow, so a health update is yet to come!


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