We’ve lost power captain!

So I went on two wonderful walks on Thursday, but during my first one my camera lost power and the second one was a surprise walk with my old camper Joanna!

I walked past my high school before my camera died.  I went to Rotary Park through the back trails and ate breakfast on a small bridge.   I also brought my Bible and read some Acts (I am in a New Testament class, so not onlywas it personally fulfilling but I also got ahead on my homework!)  I also got to journal a bit before people started walking by with their dogs.  I didn’t expect so many people to be on the trails at 9am on a Thursday!  All together it was about a 4 mile walk.

Later, I visited my old camper Joanna in Grosse Pointe.

Because I did not have a camera during this walk, I took this picture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/67873381@N00/216200807.  This is Grosse Point South High School.  It was built in 1928 and is most likely the most breath taking school building I’ve ever seen.  Indeed, a lot of the architecture (including Joanna’s house,) was from the late 1920s, making for a wonderful and charming walk.  Overall, it was about a 3 mile walk, which took me by Lake Saint Clare, through neighborhoods and downtown for some Thai food!

Yesterday and today have been gray and rainy, so there was no walk yesterday.  However, I did get to dance the night away at a club with my friends Adam and Ashley, so I got some movement into my day!

I am crossing my fingers for a break in the clouds!


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