Hiding Green Things!

Today I decided to take another walk to the Round About Cafe.  Now, when you’re a walker sometimes you have to walk the same path more than once.   So, today I asked myself, “How can I see this path differently today?”  I looked around me, and found little green things hiding all around me!  So here is my tribute to Saint Patrick’s Day and those pesky little Leprechauns!

This house was the inspiration for my hunt for all things green.  It was so green and little it looked like it was hiding behind the big white one!

O O O!  I found a little green trash bag hiding behind the recyclables!

Sure, you see the green street sign, but do you see the other one hiding across the street?

Ahhh!  The green is up on the roof now!

I hope you enjoyed all things green!   Only two more days until you can really start looking for Leprechauns!

And remember, if a path starts looking the same, try to see it in a new way!


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