First Day of Spring!

Well, the first day of Spring brought with it some snow.  After a week of wonderful, sunny weather, Michigan is back to its old dirty tricks!

So those who check my blog may be wondering:  “Why hasn’t there been a post for five whole days?”

My answer is that I forgot to bring my athletic shoes back with me from Spring break!  So, the other day my boyfriend spotted an ad at MC Sports for a shoe sale and we both got some new shoes!

A picture of my new Asics!  They were on sale for $38, a steal for good athletic shoes!   I learned this week, in my normal wanderings to class and such that a sturdy pair of well fitting shoes is a must for walking.  Also notice my Chacos peeking into the picture.  I busted them out for a few days during the nice weather.  Chacos, in my opinion, are the best sandals money can buy if you’re an outdoorsy person (arch support and a secure fit are vital!)  I wear mine at the summer camp I work for every summer, and they’ve lasted 4 years!

I had to bust out the gloves today because its SNOWING!

My mission today was to get some groceries from Green Tree CoOp near downtown!  Green Tree is the only store of its kind in Mount Pleasant (that I know of,) and has the best selection of natural/organic/local foods in town!

Just my luck, it happened to be their 40th Birthday celebration today!  Inside the store you could enter a drawing for a bicycle, partake in vegan or gluten free cake, and plant some seeds to take home!

Here is my little Zinnia plant!  Its currently on my windowsill at home now.  I hope the little fellas grow!

On my walk home I noticed this lovely mural on the side of a building.  I have noticed more and more murals as I take walks downtown.  I am thinking of doing a post featuring the murals of Downtown Mount Pleasant in the near future!

Here is the spread of what I got!  The best part is the milk.  My friend told me about Green Tree’s milk the other day, which is from a farm in Hershey Michigan.  She told me that the taste is so much different from mass produced milk, and she was right!  Its a lot sweeter and a lot more pleasant to drink straight-up (I rarely drink milk without cereal or cookies to have with it.)   I plan on making the redskin potatoes tonight!

So there you have it!  A chilly walk downtown and some lovely groceries to fuel some future walking adventures!


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