I Saw the Sign!

Hello!  Yesterday I finally got a reprive from a long week of paper writing and homework, so I decided to take a walk!  Also, I had a mission to accomplish!   I had a letter that needed to be postmarked at a certain time, so after finding that my local mailbox had already gotten collected, I decided to hoof it to the post office!

Do you see my Census on top of my stack?  Under it is a check for an undergraduate research conference that I will be attending at the beginning of April!  My boyfriend and some friends will be presenting some papers 🙂

The weather was a bit colder than our warm weather tease two weeks ago.  Here is a picture of the narrow sidewalk that runs alongside High Street.  An entrance to the park system offshoots from this sidewalk.

The train tracks cross over the sidewalk on the way to the park.  I’ve been walking this sidewalk for a while now, and it always fascinates me how the graffiti on the bridge changes.  Last year, there were pretty accurate stencils of Hugh Laurie’s face, scowling like Dr. House from the bridge sides.  Nothing quite as artistic this time, but its still worth a glance.

The paths were decidedly less icy than the last time I had been down into the park.   The path goes alongside the Chippewa River, and  there is one spot where the logs and debris always get caught.  Just as I was wondering why someone doesn’t dislodge the debris from that spot (it doesn’t look nice,) I saw a furry friend pop out of the water!  Can you spot the woodchuck?  I guess I can’t really judge the spot anymore, because its Mr. Woodchuck’s home.

I always like to see a theme in my walks, and yesterday it was the signs that caught my eye!  After being prompted by a fellow walk-loving friend that there is a sign with the name of the park’s trail on it somewhere, I kept my eye out for it.  Sadly, I didn’t find it, but I did find some other interesting signs, like this one!   Apparently Mount Pleasant has a sister city in Japan, and 40 trees in the park had been gifted to us for 40 years of friendship.   You learn some cool history if  you read the signs!

The next sign that I was was the dedication of a little bridge to Bob Becker III, whom I will probably never know but whose bridge I enjoy walking over.  The name Becker also made me laugh, because this bridge is an immortality symbol in honor of a man’s immortality project (see this link to understand what I am talking about:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Denial_of_Death.)  This got me to thinking, this blog might just be an immortality project for me.  It adds meaning to my walks, keeps me motivated and give me recognition that will live on past the actual event of my walks.  Interesting huh?

This is a sign that makes me giggle every time I walk past it.  “Anytime is train time,” apparently, and to avoid the dangers, one must GET OFF their fast moving bike to slowly cross the train tracks.  Does anyone else see the gap in logic here?

The last park in the chain of three that I like to walk through is called Island Park.  I took this picture as I exited near downtown.  Almost to the post office!

I made it!   Now my letter is safely postmarked and my census is off to be counted!   It was a long walk but quite rewarding.  To get back home, I cut through downtown and made my way back to campus to visit my sister where we both work as coffee shop baristas.  Overall, my walk was just about 4 miles!


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