Yesterday my friend Morgan and I took a stroll downtown.  I mentioned that I wanted to write a post showcasing the murals downtown, so here is a taste of yesterday’s exploration!

After mentioning to Morgan that there were some pretty killer murals downtown, we came upon one of the alleys that is FULL of them!  Here we have a surreal window scene with a kitty rocking chair and an airplane coming out of the wall.  Can you spot the muse in the doorway?  Also… can you spot the REAL door?

Here is a mural that is right next to it, but this time the window is real!  Check out Morgan’s photography skills in the reflection!

This is a mural in the same alley that is easy to miss!  Notice the depth created by the extra doorway and window!  What a beautiful way to make a blank space appealing!

This beautiful piece is the rear of Headliner’s Salon.  Morgan went around front to ask who did the artwork for a journal that she is a part of, but sadly they were closed.

You may recognize this mural from my GreenTree post, but every piece of art can be seen from a fresh perspective!

To prove that not all art has to be man made, Morgan found this lovely heart-shaped knot in the tree on our walk home (its hard to tell in the picture but its there, I swear!)

Yet another walk.  I love that I am beginning to notice the beauty of the community around me.  May you find the beauty in the place where  you live, too.


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