Out on a (NIGHT) Walk!

Last night around 10pm, my friend Sarah came over to go on a lovely night walk!   The weather has been so nice, and it was about 68 degrees last night!

This is a very dark picture, but worth posting, because this is a view of Art Reach that you can’t see during the day.  The beautiful stained glass was illuminated from the inside, and was breathtaking in person.  Also, that shadowy figure underneath is Sarah!

Sarah, mid-skip, crossing the street downtown!

Remember how I’ve mentioned the Roundabout Cafe?  Well, this is the roundabout!

.  This is a statue commemorating the roundabout, that was constructed only last year.  On the ground is a book that tells the tale of the roundabout!

On the walk back, I found another mural!  This one is across Rubbles, in the bar area of downtown.  It shows an Asian scene, I wonder if it has anything to do with our sister city in Japan?  Remember the “sign” I saw the other day?

So that was our walk.  The stars were out and we could wear short sleeves, it was a perfect night for a stroll!


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