And I would walk 500 miles…

…Just to be the (girl) who walked 1000 miles to fall down at your (place of employment)

I spent my entire day working on my Emergent Church Movement research paper for my Religion capstone course the other day.  I needed to get off the couch, so I strapped on my Chacos and trekked to see my boyfriend at work!

It had rained nearly all day, but the sun came out for my walk!  Oh those April showers!  Here is picture of Wariner Hall, the main building at Central Michigan University!

This is a picture of a statue near our football stadium.  I am not sure if this is urban legend, but I hear the university accepted the statue before it realized the phallic reference.  So they banished it to sit in the middle of a pond far away from the main campus.  Notice the lady’s legs and the *ahem* snake.

One part of this walk that I love is walking through the Veteran’s Memorial Peace Grove.  This is a little-known spot on campus that really does live up to its “peaceful” name.

The path to peace…

Hidden in a little hill is the Peace Grove.  In the middle is a beautiful miniature tree and places to sit and reflect placed in the surrounding stone structure.

No frills, all peace.

I finally “hit the Target,” ha ha.

It just so happened that Ben was due for a lunch break, so I decided to get some Starbucks (a “perk” of this Target,) and read a little.   I would like to give a shout out to Starbucks, whose Dark Cherry Mocha is DIVINE.  Seriously, try this one if you haven’t yet!

Glamor shot of the boyfriend at Subway (surprise I have a camera!)  All in all my walk there was 2 miles.  Sadly, it got dark and COLD very quickly, so I had my wonderful roommate, Jodi, pick me up.

Thanks for taking another walk with me!


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