A Day Without Shoes (with a poem!)

Today I walked barefoot for a cause.  Toms Shoes is a company that takes consumerism and turns it on its head.  For every pair of shoes that you buy, one pair is given to a child in need.   Check out http://www.toms.com to get your own pair!

Today was Toms Shoes’ “One Day Without Shoes” day.  I bought some Toms a few weeks ago, and I love them!  I went to class today in the cold rain, shoe-less, to raise awareness for the Toms cause.  I think I got some people to check into getting some!

My friend Sarah (from the “Out on a Night Walk” post) took a picture of our Toms the other day!

Also, I wrote a poem about my shoe-less day during my debate class (obviously I was paying attention, ha ha!)

My Sole Touched the Ground By Gloriann McDonald

So much of us is covered
Thick woven thread
over legs covers
chest and arms as a
barrier between skin and air
We are good at covering ourselves
Today I touched the ground
The sky was thick
gray air was cold
rain fell in chilled puddles
Today I took off my shoes
The pavement was gray
numb and cold
puddles chilled my feet
Today I took off my shoes
and my sole touched the ground.

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