Its raining, so here are some birthday pictures!

April 6th way my birthday.  I am 23 years old now!  Yay!  Because it was a Tuesday, my friends and I met up at the Brass Cafe for Michigan Beer night.


The Brass Cafe is one of Downtown Mount Pleasant’s fine dining establishments, so there were many wonderful dishes to sample with friends!  Here is a cheese and fruit board, with one of the many beers I sampled that night.

So many friends showed up, including my friend Sandra!  (Sorry for the blur.)

Of course the boyfriend put on his finest and showed his dignified face for the camera (what a goof!)

My sister and I were born only 1 year and 6 days apart!  She is the younger and will be turning 22 on the 12th!  As you can see, we are siblings that get along :D.

Finally, a picture of my roommates this year.  They all showed up to party with me!  I love my 311 ladies!  This has been such a  good year in the house that I live in near campus.  I’ve lived in this house for three years, and I am happy to be going out on a good note!

After the Brass, some of us headed over the The Bird to finish off the night.  It was a wonderful night with wonderful friends 😀

Miles walked: Zero

Years Lived: 23


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