Indoor and Outdoor

My boyfriend and I are workout partners, and we hit up the gym after class 3x a week.  Yesterday, I decided to use the treadmill to get some high-intensity walking in.  I really didn’t think that I’d get all that tired, because usually I am an elliptical girl at the gym.  Boy was I wrong!  Though I was only walking 3.0 mph, I cranked those hills up between 5-8 and was sweating!

This is a generic picture of the Student Activities Center at CMU, where I walked 1.5 miles yesterday!

But don’t think that I am forsaking the open road for a ‘mill.  I also took a walk to get groceries yesterday!

OOOO AHHHH green trees!  The world has budded over the past week.  Its like walking in a totally new world!

Even looking up, the world has transformed!  I just love spring!

Also, the flower gardens around Mount Pleasant have also begun to bloom!  Here is the corner of a local school.  What a lovely sitting area!

This is the result of my grocery trip!  I found this asparagus torte recipe online a while back, and made my own modifications.

1 roll of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

1 bunch of asparagus

5 wedges of laughing cow garlic cheese

What a wonderful lunch, made entirely with ingredients that I hoofed home yesterday!   I love working in walks to destinations that I would have gone to anyways via car.    Have a lovely day, and get outdoors (or indoors) for a walk!


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