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One of the reasons I started this blog was to found an outlet to talk about how I am managing my thyroid health (check out my “About” section above for more about that.)

I found a wonderful website yesterday called “Dear Thyroid”

It is an attempt to deal with hypothyroidism (in its various forms) in a literary fashion.  In short, its right up my alley.  It combines research, firsthand accounts and creativity to deal with disease.  They call it “literary support.”

One thing that blocks the proper absorption of thyroid hormones is something called “goitrogens.”  Goitrogens can be found in vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and…SOY.  Soy, as many foodies know, is found in nearly everything nowadays, especially processed foods.  So even when a good thyroid patient avoids the obvious, the un-obvious may be thwarting your efforts.

Being healthy, no matter what your body quirks are, often hinges on self-education.  A doctor can prescribe a myriad of pills but when it comes down to it, sometimes wellness isn’t as simple as a diagnosis.  Its a learning process.

Happy learning no matter what your body throws at you!


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