One More Week!

Well ladies and gents, it’s time for the last week of camp!  You know, working here for 5 years made me think that I had “seen it all.”  This was proven wholly wrong, I have been stretched as far as I could go at some points as well as made wonderful memories of what I think will be my last summer here.

One thing that I love about camp is influencing the next generation.  I work with TST (Teen Service Team) “NEXT,” which is our high school counselor-in-training program.  I have seen this program grow since it started 4 years ago, and I have been heading it up for 2 of those years.  This year I got to impart my live for improv to my campers and it was beautiful!  The picture above is of the “Stage Crew Improv Team,” that performed at open mic night!

I am going to make several posts about my summer, but this is the initial one :).  I was browsing my Livejournal today, and I think I want to mix my life into my walk posts.  It’s kind of a metaphor right?  Life is like a walk?  Gotta get out there?  Connections aside, next semester I think I will make a merger of walks and life in this blog.  Wordpress is simply a better tool for blogging than Livejournal, though LJ and I have a long, sometime intimate past.  Thailand was lived on that blog.

Pictures of where I have walked this summer are to come!  For now, here is a picture of me holding a big puffy flower!



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