End of the semester

I was a female Robin Hood for Halloween.  In this picture is our resident Robin Hood enthusiast, Mike (in a Peter Parker costume,) my boyfriend Ben as Friar Tuck and our fellow improver Beth is Maid Marian!

I had the privilege of driving out to Buffalo with my friend Jodi to see my old roommate, Lynn!  Buffalo is so beautiful and the weather was wonderful!   She is doing Americorps, working with the Hispanic population.

Another highlight of the end of semester was attending an Islamic Spirituality workshop at Saint John’s Episcopal Church.  Pictured here are our teachers,  Talat and his wife Shakura.  Not shown is a group of Christians ready to learn at their feet.   What a wonderful weekend!

Christmas break has been relaxing and fun.  After spending Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Ben’s family, I headed to Grand Rapids where Ben got to do some stand up!  Our friend Ryan was also featured, and I got to see so many friends!

One of my resolutions is to maintain my blog.  It allows me to “journal” in a way that is unlike my paper journal (pictures, etc.)  And I get to share!


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