Ring Ring!

Can you hear the New Year starting?

This year has marked the end of a lot of things.  It was my last year working at Spring Hill (which has been the focus of the last five summers.)  It was the last year I will be on campus for both semesters (I will be student teaching in the Fall.)  It’s the end of the first decade of the new millennium.

This will be the year I prepare to go out into that fabled big world of adulthood, finding a job and cutting the strings (more like a helium balloon, less like a lost puppy.)   So many of my friends have already taken this step (thats what you get when you keep adding majors, ha ha.)

It’s that time of year when daytime television talk shows start showing ways to improve your life and the commercials tell you how to lose some of the mass you’ve accumulated over the year.  It’s time to take out that cat-themed calendar you get for Christmas every year (what, you don’t get one too?) and stare down 365 blank days, 52 blank weeks, 12 blank months and try to figure out how those days will be better than the ones already lived.

So instead of making resolutions that focus on problems, I want to focus on what will make the New Year worth living.   Don’t have any yet, but check back later after I put some thought into it :).


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