As promised, here are my New Year’s resolutions!

1. Blog more- I started this blog as a place to log my walks and the pictures I took whilst ambling about.  I’ve since made it into my all-purpose blog since WordPress is simply a nicer place to blog than Livejournal.    But don’t worry, once the sidewalks are navigable again (ie. I won’t die out on a walk,) you will see more walks!

(Image from:

2.  Give up pop- I thought about doing this for Lent, but I figured it is a good a time as ever to give up pop.  I have been watching “The Doctors” with my mom in the morning, and they referred to sodas a “liquid cigarettes.”  Upon further investigation, pop just isn’t good for you (and diet pop is worse.)  On top of adding calories and unneeded sugar into your body, the phosphorus in it leeches calcium from your bones.   So, toodle-loo pop for 2011.  And an ad-of-insanity for emphasis:

(Image from

3. Get to a healthier weight-  Big shocker, eh?  I think this is one of the biggest resolutions made every year.  A while ago I gave up self-deprecating talk.  Too many people buy into the idea that beauty comes in one size (or, size one?)  To be frank, this is bullshit and societal brainwashing.  However, it is true that being at a certain body weight for your height is just a more healthy way to live.   So in in the spirit of 2011, I want to lose 20+11 pounds (31 for my fellow English majors.)

I might try this diet… (But if I were really a hipster, would I want to be fat?  Being skinny is so mainstream…)

Happy New Year everyone!  Anyone else have some resolutions?



4 thoughts on “Resolutions!”

  1. hey GF, i wanted to share with you that I have a SECRET blog on wordpress… but id like you to know about it, cause you’re special!

    and then we can be blog friends too.

    and to answer your questions, my plan really is to try to NOT get into a serious life-threatening accident like I have the past two years. It might be out of my hands but… seriously i can’t handle another one 🙂

  2. Dear Glo,

    As a constant supporter of your healthy self, I would like to make a suggestion.

    I hate it when people have weight loss goals. They’re simply unrealistic! Because when one doesn’t achieve that goal- disappointment sets in!

    So instead make a workout routine goal. As in promise yourself, you’ll walk 2 miles that day or you’ll lift weights.

    Khun An

    1. Don’t you worry my medically-minded friend, what you suggested is actually how I am going about it 😀 I am setting mini-goals for myself in hopes of getting to a responsible BMI (my doctor thinks for my frame and family history I should realistically be on the high end.) I wanna keep these bodacious curves!

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