Creative Energy and Reflection on Culture

As a result of resolution number three from my last post, I’ve had TONS of energy over the last couple of days.  Last Fall I got a book called “The Writing Diet,” an essentially gimmicky book that combines writing and healthy eating, complete with writing exercises.  One principle of the book that has come into play over the last few days (which I did not expect) is a sort of creative energy that comes from being good to yourself.  I got up this morning, read me some B-I-B-L-E (Sunday School throwback for ya!) and randomly came up with an outline for a story.   To put this into context, I haven’t been able to bring myself to any spiritual disciplines let alone creative disciplines for a very long time.   I wrote off that book (get it?) but I think some of it rings true.

As I have said, I have been seriously lacking in the spiritual disciplines area lately.  I am in a phase of investigation, mainly re-thinking what I’ve been taught all my life in light of my studies in Religion at college.  I’ve been reading through Judges and today I got to the story of Gideon.  After I was finished reading, I came downstairs to my mother watching a televangelist speak with a Christian psychologist about the healing power of God in the internal struggles of our life.  It made me think about how much the interpretation of “God’s favor” has changed between Gideon’s time and our time.  Could you imagine, instead of Gideon slaying the Midianites, driving thorns into his nay-sayers and pillaging towers, God sat him down and asked “How did your upbringing amongst pagan Gods and the rejection of your family make you feel?”

What I’ve been learning: Culture changes, how people view God changes, how God is interpreted in the Bible progressively changed.   I cannot understand how people still hold on to the idea that God “wrote” or inspired every word of the Bible.  Why can’t it be viewed as a wonderful, inspiring and sometimes awful chronicle about how “tragically human” humans (influenced by culture) have reacted to a very real God?




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