My Top Work Out Songs of 2010!

Even though the gym is far away at school, we have an antiquated exercise bike here at home so I’ve been able to cycle out a good amount of workouts!  Looks like this beauty: 😛

I was collaborating a work out mix on my Napster account today (yep, I pay for my music) and decided to share some of my faves with you all!  I’ve been on a dance music kick  this year, but this mix does not encompass all of my music tastes and there are some repeat artists.  Also, not all of these songs were released in 2010.

Glo’s Favorite Work Out Songs of 2010 :

1. Oh Lord- Foxy Shazam

2. Just Dance- Lady Gaga

3. Tik Tok- Ke$ha

4. Whatcha Say- Jason Derulo

5. My Leather, My Fur, My Nails- Stepdad

6. Unstoppable- Foxy Shazam

7. Forever- Chris Brown

8. Empire State of Mind- Glee Cast Version

9. Telephone- Lady Gaga

UPDATED LIST 1.5.11 (Forgot these gems!)

10. Sleepyhead- Passion Pit

11. Electric Feel- MGMT

Favorite Cool Down Songs of 2010:

1. One Day- Matisyahu

2. California English- Vampire Weekend (Really the whole Contra CD)

3. Sound of Your Voice- Bare Naked Ladies

4. Shambala- Rockapella

5. Age of Adz- Sufjan Stevens

There ya have it!  Load some of these to your MP3 player and get your sweat on!


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