Didn’t we learn that already?

Continuing through Judges 19 today, I found myself reading a story that I thought was a in the wrong spot.  Does this sound familiar?

Weary travelers offered a room in a strange city only to find it’s inhabitants pounding down the door demanding to “know” (Biblically of course) the foreigner.  Instead of displeasing the crowd and welcoming a sound beating, the young women present are offered to the mob instead.

I KNOW I’ve heard this one before… ummm… oh yeah!  Genesis 19 (Okay, I didn’t know that off the top of my head, thank you study Bible.)  You might know this story:

(I won’t be adding that to my Netflix anytime soon!)  It is, almost to the letter, the same story.  I learned in an Old Testament class that this happens occasionally in the Bible.  Themes are repeated.  Whether it actually happened twice, or the story was included twice in the Scriptures, what do we need to learn from the story the second time around?   Are there any differences between the two stories?

Yes.  In the Judges 19 version God does not intervene.  In Genesis 19 we have angels who strike the mob blind when they try to intrude.  In Judges 19 the woman (the Levite’s concubine) is sent out to the crowd, repeatedly raped and left for dead at the doorstep.

(Sorry about the boob kiddies, but the story should be more disturbing than the boob, ha.)

This made me think about the lessons I have learned in my life, and how many times I do not feel God’s presence when I feel like he should intervene.   How many times has God taught me a lesson and I go and repeat the action again expecting God to intervene?

This story should not have happened again.  God had already been through this scenario with Israel (raining fire people, come on!)   Sometimes, like children, we repeat past mistakes even though we know what the outcome will be.   Daddy told us not to play with knives:

Are there times in my life where I expect God to intervene when I should have already learned my lesson?

Oh, and in the end the Levite cuts the concubine up into the little pieces and sends them to the tribes of Israel as a warning against this kind of thing happening again.

How far do we have to go to remember the lessons that God has already taught us?


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