Confessions of an Optimist (in disguise!)

I am calling off life today.

Yes, even optimists have days when their shortcoming catch up with them, the world looks dark and the future is decidedly dim (optimist note: check out that alliteration!.)

I have a theory about the struggle between optimism and pessimism.  There is a breed of optimists out there, like myself, who are pessimists in disguise.  We have been kicked around by life and see how messed up the world is, but see no other option than to smile and ask “how can I make this better?”

I feel beat down today.  Like the tower o’ cards that is my life has taken a good gust of wind.  I see that things, sometimes, never change.  The same insecurities linger even after the playground bullies grow up, and sometimes, the world lives up to your lowest expectation.

And you will see that this won’t last.  In a few days this blog will be as sunshine-y as ever.


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