Pure Michigan

First of all, I must give homage to the mellow voice of Tim Allen and the Pure Michigan campaign for my title.  If you have seen these commercials over the last year or so, you know what I am talking about.  If anyone could make me feel good about my home state (or trying new recipes with Campbell’s soup,) its Tim Allen.  Check it out:

I used to be in the ranks of people who say “I want to get the (expletive of choice) of of Michigan when I graduate.”  That was until I studied abroad in a far, far away land.  Only then did I start talking about Michigan like one would talk about a motherland.  This weekend I went on a retreat to Cedar Campus in Cedarville, MI with my church.  Here is a sample of the beauty of Michigan for you.

We walked about a mile over the bay to get between our lodge and the rest of the camp.  The ice was about a foot thick, and there were cracks to prove it!

We were the first ones to blaze a trail out to Whitefish Point, which is connected by an isthmus.  Also pictured is my friend Jodi, in the green.  We became friends at camp, so this outdoorsy stuffy is no big… haha.

Also on this trip were my friends, Sarah and Natasha.  A big thanks to Sarah for providing these pictures!

I had come to Cedar Campus about four years ago.  One thing that stuck with me was the beautiful “ice cave” formations that the waves took on at the tip of the island.

I am proud of the beauty of my state.  I am also proud of the beauty of my friends.  Amidst the stress of the semester, this trip was a wonderful breath of fresh air.

Thanks for taking a stroll through the UP with me!


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