Resolutions… Two Months Later

Auld Lang Syne has been long tucked away for another year and Spring has started to taunt us.  I got to thinking today, how many people actually take the time to reflect on their goals for the year (it’s still 2011!) after, say, the third week of January?

(Ps. I took a few seconds to educate myself on the meaning of “Auld Lang Syne,” check out the link.  It even has the Scottish pronunciation!)

So what resolutions have I kept this year?

1. As you may be currently experiencing, I have been semi-diligent about blogging.  In an attempt to keep this blog semi interesting, I try not to keep a log of the mundane details of my life.  So, you’ve gotten the interesting snippets.

2.  I have not had pop since January 1!  I think this is the resolution I have been most proud of.  I have become a fan of this beverage…

3.  Now comes the one I have not been so good about, the diet one.  Though I, and many of my food-loving American brethren and sistren (ha,) make this resolution ever year, the zeal begins to fade when you realize that you are a human being.  I happen to be a human being who loves food, and one virtuous resolution does not wave a magic wand over this situation.  Nor does it solve problems like stress, lack of time and days of laziness.  However, I would like to note that I have stopped gaining weight, which I attribute to less liquid candy and less fast food meals on campus.  I think that this says a lot about how a “diet” should work for me: it shouldn’t be a diet at all.  It should be a healthy lifestyle change.

You still have 10 months of 2011.

How do you need to make it better?

This is how I am going to make it better.  On the heels of kicking the pop out of my life, I want to take it one step further….

Fried foods.  I think this will be a bit harder than pop, but I want to give it a try.  So…. here’s to a (continuing) Happy New Year full of new hopes and dreams.


One thought on “Resolutions… Two Months Later”

  1. haha loved the arnold palmer section! Gurrrrl you can do it! believe me! One day at a time. Ya know i never thought i could ever give up bread, but last summer (yes a good 8 months ago) i started replacing the bread i eat at work with two pieces of fruit. I just made that one small little change, and now I never have cravings for bread – crazy huh? Little by little dear, I know you can do it!!!

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