Sin City: Around the World! (Part Two)

Who knew that in a lonely desert in Nevada, flanked by mountains, one could see the world?  Above are my fellow travelers, ready for our first full day of adventures!

A view from our window in the Tropicana holds lady liberty, hundreds of miles away from her home!  I would have to say that New York New York is one of my favorite structures in Las Vegas because of its use of color and texture.

Look at all of that detail!  Of course, it has a roller coaster over the whole city… just like the real New York!  :p

A short stroll away is Egypt!  Sadly, my other pictures of the Luxor turned out blurry.   But let us continue our tour!

Put on your best fake mustache and French laugh!  Can you smell the espresso and baguettes?   How about the fine slushy daiquiris?

There are many world-class places to visit in Las Vegas!   The masterminds behind this city have done a lot to bring the best of the world to one strip of road in the middle of nowhere.  As you can see, a trip to Vegas can make you feel like the ruler of the world!


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