20 Mile Challenge!

Goodmorning and good-weekend everyone!

If anyone in Michigan has poked their head outside in the last couple of days, you’ve noticed that there is that distinct “Spring” feel in the air.  Actual birds were chirping outside of my window this morning (as opposed to drunken St. Patrick’s Day revelers screaming “WAKE UP #*@!” at 8am on Thursday!)

Yesterday I took an intentional “step in the right direction” on that path to starting my walks again.  I have a confession, I like walking with a destination more than I like taking “leisure walks.”   So often my walks will end up at the local grocery store or some odd errand I need to finish.  Yesterday I walked to a party instead of driving.   I think there is a sense of accomplishment in walking places instead of driving.  One, you know you’re not spending precious resources (monetary and fossil) on a 3ish mile journey.

Secondly, and this would sound so foreign to someone even a hundred years ago, there is something beautiful about using your own body to get you places.  This may sound too poetic, but it really is something that I think about when I walk places instead of drive.  God gave me this organic machinery that is designed not only to house my soul, but be practical.  It GETS me places.

So, in the spirit of getting this “machinery” out of the house and onto the road once again, I am making a little challenge for myself!

20 Mile Challenge!

One week.  Twenty Miles. This figures out to a little less than 3 miles per day/1 hour per day at a 3mph pace (my pace is sometimes higher than that, but this is for the sake of math ease.) I’m not exactly running a marathon, but simply enough to get my outside again.

So, how are you challenging  yourself to get out into this beautiful weather?


2 thoughts on “20 Mile Challenge!”

  1. Mike and I are doing a lot of long walks lately. We walked the 5 miles to my parents house the other day. We are preparing for a really long walk, a week on the Appalachian trail. It has been good to get Mike out walking with me because he has to be ready. Anyway, don’t know if giving ourselves a future walking vacation, might up the desire to get out and walk. And I agree, it just feels poetic to walk for long distances.


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