Michigan Weather

Whelp, I am about 10 miles in on my 20 mile challenge when we are hit with a blizzard.  Sadly, the beautiful Spring weather I was describing did not last long.  I should have figured, you can’t count on the snow going away until mid-April in these parts!

To illustrate how quickly Michigan weather can change, I give you pictures from a walk two days ago.

The sun was out, and the birds were chirping (there is a little blue bird wrapped around one of the nubs of the tree, can you spot him?)

The snow had melted so much that the big rocks in the river were covered up.  I have some great memories attached to those rocks.  You can walk out and sit on them in the Summertime.

But then the weather began to shift.   Big puffy white snow began to fall.  It was heavy and stuck to my hair and clothing.  (I tried out my best “look of disgust” for you all!)

Then, after I had collected the groceries I had set out for (because, as I said before, I like having a “mission” on my walks,) it began to rain.  Here is a nice puddle to emphasize how much it started to rain—

So there you have it.  Michigan at its finest!  I was happy that my walk just-so-happed to encapsulate a nice spectrum for you all!

Because I may not get to walk for a day or so, I will leave a surprise for the next entry!  I made a new discovery downtown!


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