Couch to 5k!

In light if sticking around the Pleasant Mountain this Summer without the use of the SAC, I am determined to get outside for my exercise this Summer.  As some of you may know, I’ve devoted my last 5 Summers to working with high schoolers here:

(Just look at my babies!)

This Summer, I am taking a few months to myself.  In my mind, it will be a grand time of working, playing, relaxing, and working on myself before I hit the real world of the classroom.

Working on myself includes: reading, getting brushed up on my teacher requirements, researching the district where I will be student teaching, working on my electronic portfolio for teaching, finding my niche with God again, and working out.

One of my students in COM 101, where I am an intern, gave a speech on running.  Yes, even a fat ass like myself can get up and run (she said it a lot nicer, and not directed at me, ha ha.)  So I Googled a website that she advocated and used to start running, called  I’ve clicked around, and I am intrigued.  Motivated, even.

So, does anyone want to start it with me?  The program is pretty gentle:


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