C25k- Week Two Destroyed!

Scroll on over a few posts ago and you’ll see that I’ve set out on a pretty serious goal: Couch to 5k.

I would like to report that I have just completed week two!

Despite my enthusiasm, it hasn’t been easy.  Yesterday, I hit a wall.  “This isn’t fun,” I thought, as I hit my last burst of running.  I was a bit discouraged.  Could I be thinking about giving up, with so many more weeks to go?  I could imagine a “real” runner seeing my minute and a half running/two minute walking cycles as laughable, but, for a non-runner like myself, it’s an accomplishment.  But, there is another, positive development that counteracted this “wall:” a little voice that reminds me, “hey, it’s time to go running!”  Yep, it’s becoming a positive habit!

After yesterday’s discouraging day, I set off for a four-mile journey to our local park.  When I began running, I felt yesterday’s discouragement.  So, after fifteen minutes I let myself begin “just walking.”  I was in the woods by then, and had taken out my earbuds to enjoy the woodland sounds.  I reached the end of a path and thought, “I am just going to run as long as I want, and stop when I want to.”  So, I turned on some Freelance Whales and let myself go.  The woods were wet, but budding and calm.  I had a burst of energy, and I was having fun!  I ended up running 7 minutes without stopping!

It was a small step, but it was a meaningful one for me.

So, week three, here I come!


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