Parks and Permanent Things…

Two years ago, I was in a Creating Writing class at my university.  One of the assignments for that class was to “find a place you’ve never been before and write a poem about it.”  You could go to a new restaurant, a building on campus that you’ve never been before, or take a road trip to another town.  Being a sucker for new places to walk, I did a little clicking around on the Mount Pleasant home page, and found this park…

Today, I returned to do a little more exploring!

View from the bottom of a rustic set of stairs that led to this…

The first path that I took led down a steep bank to a very clear and beautiful stream.

Greenery was spilling out over the paths because of the rainstorms.  But, today the sky was blue and the weather was very mild!

Even the critters came out to play!

Do you see the garter snake?

A bit farther into my walk, I found that this park has two major trails.  This one was a bit more traveled than the first, and the trails were wider.

Where there is more traffic, there are more signs that people have been there.  I thought that this 27 year old mark on this tree was pretty neat.  It’s older than I am (and so is the tree, apparently!)

Speaking of making love permanent, I went to a wedding this weekend for my boyfriend’s high school friend, Eric!

Check out that mighty beard!  It’s crazy to think that friends can be getting married, let alone starting families.  It was a lovely weekend, with plenty of tradition and dancing!

I love this walk I’m on ❤


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