Wanna Know How Much I Weigh?

I knew that title would get some attention.

I am feeling honest today.

I started this blog as a motivation to get moving, track some workouts, and track some life.  I am someone who values healthy living a lot; I was raised on whole foods and trips to the health food store with my mom and little sister in tow.  Partially hydrogenated oils were shunned by my mother before the words “NO TRANS FATS!” became the fad, and my mom was on the anti-aspartame train before it began to pick up steam.  You’d  think, by the way I am framing this, that my family would be the picture of health, but we’re not.  Tipping the scales at 228 pounds at 5’10, I am the leanest of the four of us (yeah, you can gasp that a twenty-something revealed her weight to the entire internet.  I’m over it.)   But, over the last year, this has become to be less and less the case.

I have a confession.  Since starting this blog, I have gained almost exactly 20 pounds.  Don’t bother clicking back to my oldest post, it was only about a year ago.  Yes, this girl has gained 20 pounds in the last year.  “But Glo, you eat so healthy!” some people tell me, when I complain about my weight gain.  It’s true, I am a whole foodie to the core (okay, about 80% of the time, I still love eating out.)  We hear over and over again on the news, and in the latest-and-greatest diet books, that fast food is the scourge of our country’s health and the burger-boogie man is out to take the lives of our children.  This may be so, but I did not gain 20 pounds off of fast food and garbage.  Open up my pantry and you’ll find brown rice, whole grain bread, beans, chicken breast, fresh fruits, whole wheat pasta,organic teas, agave sweeteners, and every Trader Joe’s branded item you can imagine.  Nor did I gain it sitting on my butt, as you can read, I’ve been walking, running, as well as hitting up the gym a couple times a week during the school year.

So why isn’t it all adding up, you may ask?

Well it’s simple, I love to eat.  I think that everyone loves eating at some level, and I am no exception.  Add to this that I an a recovering obsessive dieter (high school and early college were not fun in this department.) Just the thought of  “going through that again” makes me want to crawl into a dark, anti-diet hole.  So, rather than address the root of the problem (how much I eat,) I have worked on the other things, like exercise and loving my body.  Since those days, I’ve gained a lot of respect for my body, and have gotten to a place where I actually believe that I am beautiful, a feat that not many women accomplish, I’ve found.   I can truly say that today, nearly 60 pounds heavier than the lowest extreme-dieting-weight, I am the happiest I have ever been about my body.

Really.  It’s beautifully ironic.

So, where am I going with this?  My point is, that I have the exercise part down, and I have the soul part down.  Now, I have to get the eating part down.  That is why, I am going to give an honest account of what I eat for a week.  I do this anyways on Livestrong.com’s “My Plate” application, but, I simply don’t have any accountability in the matter.  So, dear readers, here comes a week of brutal honesty.



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