HH 4: Honesty Hurts

Next up in the Honestly Hungry series is a little talk on “the breaking point.”  Anyone who has decided to eat healthier or reduce the amount they eat knows that point.  For some people, it’s a month, for others it’s weeks, for me, it’s three days.  Three days, just seventy-two hours, is the magic span of time that it takes for my resolve to fail and to resign to a life of failure.  It happens without fail. On Monday, I have grandiose ideas of life-change.  On Tuesday, I am feeling virtuous from yesterday’s successes.  On Wednesday, I am barely holding on with hunger.

After the semester ended, I asked God to help me find my path with getting my eating under control.  I was told, years ago in a sermon, that sins are usually natural desires that grow out of proportion and take over your life and take your focus off of God. I defy you to find a sin that isn’t an outgrowth of our need for self-preservation.  Sexual sin, murder, slandering others, lying, cheating, stealing… and gluttony.  A little bit after I prayed this prayer, I was cleaning my room, and found an envelope stuffed into a diet book that my mom got me for Christmas.  It was a letter from Spring Hill from last year that had a bracelet in it that has the acronym “V.I.S.I.O.N.”  I will save you the full meaning, but it was too uncanny for me not to give the book a read (I rolled my eyes when my mom gave me yet another diet book a few months ago.)    The book (check the link,) is by a Christian medical doctor, and I couldn’t put it down.

The reason for that long blurb above is to get to a startling fact that I learned whilst reading the book:  “The World Health Organization classifies any diet containing fewer than 2,200 a day for the average man, and 1800 calories a day for the average woman as a starvation diet” (Colbert 47).

WOAH.  Essentially, every time we set out on a calorie-restricted diet (1200 calories and 1400 calories seem to be the go-to number,) we put our metabolism on a roller-coaster, making us fatter in the long run.  If that’s true, I’ve been on the longest, scariest thrill ride ever devised by the even the most sadistic Cedar Point visionaries.  I don’t know about my other diet-inclinded friends, but that is enough for me to want to get off!

Okay, I will stop rambling and get to what I ate yesterday:

The chips and the biscuit were at night after I couldn’t stand being hungry anymore, setting my over for the day.  However, with all of my exercise, the real total comes out at a maintaining level of calories.  So, it could have been worse.  Had Taco Bell with mom at lunch, and healthy nachos for dinner.  It was  Mexican kind of day!


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