Sprain Report

Hello, friends!

I figured I should give a report on my sprained foot.  As of a week ago, over the course of 2 days, the pain went from “OWIE!” to “Ahhhh.”  No more pain in my left foot!  However, I think the sprain was distracting me from my heel pain.  My dad is going to get me an appointment with his orthopedic doctor sometime at the end of the Summer.

My dad, whom I highly resemble, has plantar fasciitis and I fear that I have it, too. Overcompenation for that foot is what I think caused the sprain while I was running.  And, to make it clear, I have abandoned C25k until my tootsies are healthy again.  No need to mess myself up at the sprightly age of 24.   I have bought a Summer membership at my university’s gym, and have been biking to and from work, so I have been plenty active this Summer.

Nothing much more to report.  Check back soon for the next thing that comes from my brain (maybe even a walk or two, ha.)


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