Access Adventure!

I found a new trail the other day!

I was having a bad day a few days ago, and I remembered seeing this sign at Chip-a-Waters park before tubing down the river.  I have been down this trail before, but it was not paved, nor did it have this amazing bridge!

The trail was something straight out of an “Up North” Michigan trip, complete with binoculars!  A good deal of this trail was paved, and there were little touches that made it possible for those with special needs to enjoy it as well.  Get it?  “Access” Adventure Trail?

(So you can spy on the drunk tubers going down the Chippewa River!)

I was impressed with the amount of seating along the tail, including picnic tables!

The bridge has a plexi-glass panel at its center, so you have an unrestricted view of the river (or of your reflection!)

Or reflect on how awesome your Chacos are (ha ha!)

Sometimes, all it takes is a little walk to lift your spirits.  And, sometimes, new adventures pop up where you least expect them!

Now, get walkin’!  I never understood how awesome my feet were until I couldn’t  use them for a month!


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