Time to Rest

Hello everyone!

The other day I got it in my head to prepare myself for a 20 mile walk along this trail… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pere_Marquette_Rail-Trail .   To ready myself, I set off for a 6.5 mile walk  (if C25K taught me anything, it’s that building up to a goal is better than killing yourself all at once!)   Now, as a recap, I’ve been having trouble with my right heel (plantar fasciitis runs in the family;  I am pretty sure I have it.)  Also, I am recovering from a sprained left foot (it feels 100% better, but I have not been running on it, because I hear sprains can be tricky.)   To make a long story short, a walk that used to be nothing for me turned into a not-so-fun experience around mile 4, when my feet started hurting and my leg began to subsequently cramp up from walking funny.

So, my dear reader, I am taking a break.  My feet need some healing.  It is a bit frustrating, having my favorite form of exercise taken out from under my feet (ha,) but I don’t want to be bull-headed and mess them up for good.  I’ve been doing some internet research on my problem, and weight-bearing activity (walking, running, even standing) simply adds to the inflammation.  When I get home in August I am going to set up an appointment with my father’s podiatrist.   As for now, I am going to use my gym membership to it’s fullest and take advantage of low-impact cardio machines.

Time to rest, feetsies.


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