Seek and You Shall…

After my Livonia freak out, God threw me a nice curve ball.  In my last post I lamented my new suburban life, but vowed to find the adventure in it.  Today, I was handed a freebie.


Little did I know that hidden in the bowels of that ‘industrial area’ I wrote about yesterday, is the headquarters of a racing dynasty.  Today, I had the privilege- along with my dad and my uncle- of a guided tour of Roush Racing’s museum!   Dad works closely with Roush at his work, so they paid back the favor with a little star-treatment.  Jack Roush was even there to sign autographs!


(An electric car circa 1912, before eco-friendly was chic!)


(A beautiful Cobra, easily worth over $300,000, yikes!)

Outside of the museum, men in folding chairs showed off their ‘babies,’ but on the inside, deeper inside of the museum where none of the crowd was allowed to go, we got a tour of where they restored the cars for the museum!


The coolest part of the tour was seeing an entire warehouse filled with World War II era Merlin engines used in Mustang airplanes!

The moral of this story is that there are many facets to the place you find yourself.  Today I saw a new glimmer of hope in my search of seeing the best.  You never know what is hiding in your own back yard!


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