The Midst of Mourning

It’s only two days after the break up, so I am not ready to post any revelations of total recovery.  I think that our society does all it can to skip over the mourning stage.  Somewhere along the line, we figured that pain is bad, and to be avoided.  I, on the other hand, am trying to learn from it.   And by opening my heart, my ears, and my eyes, I’ve been blessed with inspiration from all fronts.  A book I am reading, my friends, and even social media.  It may be too early, maybe even distasteful (sorry,) to blog about the aftermath of a breakup, but words have always been healing for me (and I figure a blog is in better taste than 100 cryptic Facebook statuses.)  Literary healing has always been at the forefront of how God speaks to me.  And in that spirit, I offer  you some lines of poetry  that my friend Asher sent to me over Facebook chat yesterday:

“I have seen nearly every city from a rooftop without jumping. I have realized that the moon did not have to be full for us to love it, that we are not tragedies stranded here beneath it, that if my heart really broke every time I fell from love, I’d be able to offer you confetti by now. But hearts don’t break y’all, they bruise and get better.”  Buddy Wakefield

If YOU are in the midst of mourning, may these words be healing for you, too.


2 thoughts on “The Midst of Mourning”

  1. Glo ~ All blessings on navigating the grieving process and healing. I know it can take a lot and sometimes a lot of time. One of my favorite little books on this is Geri Larkin “Love Dharma.” It features teachings from many Buddhist women on the challenges of love relationships. All the best, Talat

    1. Thanks Talat, it’s been humbling to have people come along side and offer up their wisdom. I found the book for $4 with shipping on Amazon, so it is currently on it’s way. You haven’t steered my wrong with a book yet!

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