Sunrise, Sunset

Today, my father and I practiced the song “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof (my favorite musical) for a friend’s wedding.

Tonight I went on a walk and got to see a beautiful sunset.

Sunsets are often used as a metaphor for endings.  “The sun set on (fill in random relationship or event.)”  As I was walking in the glow of the pink-blue-purple sky, a thought came to me:

The sun may set, but it always comes back ’round the other side.

It may be poetic to use a sunset as representative of an ending.  But, for the sun, there is no finite ending (at least there won’t be as long as I live.)  I think that is like life.  Life may seem to end.  Darkness falls.  However, nothing can stop the dawning of a new day.  Not the same day.  But a new one.

Sometimes, endings are painted with glorious expectancy of a new day.  There are no clouds, no rain, no haze.  Only color and light.

The sun needs to set in order for it to rise.  You need the ending metaphor for the beginning metaphor.

My life may be dark right now, but I anticipate a breathtaking sunrise.


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