Adventures in Appendectomies!

Today we read a short story in class called “The First Appendectomy.”   To begin the class, my host teacher decided (upon the insistence of another teacher,) to show a Youtube of an appendectomy.   He urged students who were squeamish to put their heads on their desks or step outside.  None did.  The video went well, and I even learned a thing or two about the appendix.  However, five minutes after the video, whist reading the story, a students scoots to the floor next the to podium. “I feel like I am going to pass out.” He proceeds to put his feet over his head, because “that’s what my mom told me to do.”  I sit with the student while my teacher proceeds to get him water, then takes him to the office.  “Take over,” he says.  Now, I have not yet started to lead this class, so I have to improvise some reading questions as I skim.  During the semi-coherent fumbling, another student comes up to me: “I feel sick.”  He is clutching his stomach.  “Are you going to puke?” I ask.  “Yes,” he says” still holding his stomach.  I urge him to get to the restroom as quickly as possible, skipping the sign-out-hall-pass mumbo jumbo.   To recap: one kid almost passes out, another kid is hurling in the bathroom, and on top of this, no one is picking up their phones in the office when I call about, and I am still managing to lead class.

The kids got the reading done.  Everyone ended up okay, and I lived to see another day of teaching.  A day in the life!

In other news:

Today was the weigh in.  Drum roll please!  :::brbrbdbrbrbrbrrrrrdddrrr::  (Yeah, that’s my drum roll noise.)

I’ve lost 3 pounds!

I am very happy to have something motivating me right now, especially while I am easing into student teaching.  I am a three-day dieter, usually.  The first day is awesome, the second day is rough, the third day is torture, and sometime that night I give in.  Well, I’ve made it a week, and I am very happy with the results.  Time to gear up for NEXT Wednesday!


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