Heel Spurs Aren’t Just for Cowboys!

Apparently they are for walking enthusiasts, too!

As you may have noticed, there has been a huge lack of walks since the spring.  I finally got to the doctor today for what I thought was plantar fasciitis (inflammation of a tendon on the bottom of the foot.)   Turns out it is, plus more.

I have one of these…

It’s a heel spur.  Yeah, mine looks just like that.  I was really surprised.  “Heel spurs are caused by the inflammation caused by the plantar fasciitis,” the doctor explained.  The bone forms a sort of callous made out of bone.

So, I have been prescribed inserts and a heel stretcher for night time.  Going to pick those up this weekend.

Oh, and I have been on a few walks!

I really love this picture.  Fall in all its glory!


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