An English Teacher in Math Land

There is so much creativity to be had through my new teaching experiences.  However, because of professionalism I cannot write an everything that gets my pen going. After an arduous student teaching stint (which brought out more tears than I thought I had in my body,) I have my own classroom for 12 whole weeks while a colleague is spending time with her new baby.  The other day, I had to substitute for a directed study class during my prep period, and I wrote this little reflection to pass time (there were only four students.)  I took some liberties with the setting, but I thought I’d share:



There is nothing scarier for an English teacher than to sub for a math class.  No lesson on symbolism can decipher the mystery that is “x.”  Why is it that a newly graduated college student can feel so small that even a decimal couldn’t quantify?  I can do math.  I can add up my GPA: 3.63.  A good palindromic figure.  It equals smart, right?  You know, I rejoiced at my last math exam.  My last math class, FOREVER!  Four years later, I can truly say that “I’ll never use this” was a prophetic mantra.

 Until now. 

Now I sit at the front of an unfamiliar classroom, tools of my trade in hand as I nervously glace at the boy with the calculator and twisted eyebrows by the window.

“Please don’t call on me” I think.


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