My Life on a Shelf (or, LOOK AT HOW MANY JOURNALS I HAVE!)

For the last couple of days, I have been sitting down with my journal and my copy of “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.”  Sipping my usual gourd of yerba mate’, I’ve been waiting for inspiration for my New Years Resolutions to come.  It hasn’t happened yet.  However, I have been rediscovering some passages from Donald Miller’s book that did not exactly apply when I was still a college student.

“I looked at the definition for a second, wondering how simple it really was.  He was right.  ‘A character who wants something and overcomes a conflict to get it” is the basic structure of a good story” (Miller 48).  

A lot of my friends know that I keep paper journals.  Over the years, I have amassed quite collection:


You may notice a large black binder on the end against the wall.  My dad kept a journal of my sister and my everyday activities since we were young up through high school.  I began seriously journaling when I went to college, slowly evolving to the leather-bound editions farther down the line.  So, I quite literally have most of my life on paper.

I think that my New Years Resolutions are not coming as easily this year because because they hold so much more weight as they did in the past.  We spend so much of college freaking out about the future. Future job.  Future spouse.  Christian college students have the added stress of “What is God’s will for my life?”  Now, I am LIVING that future I spend so much time brooding over.  One question has been coming up in my mind since I graduated:

“Younger me, am I living up to  your dreams?”

Or, more specifically, am I choosing to build a good story for my life?

Yes, my resolutions hold so much more weight this year.  I am in that weird transition between young adulthood and adulthood.  Will my next chapter be about jobs and cars and bank accounts?  Or, will I seek out meaning and continued growth?


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