New Year: Resolved

Since the closing days of December, I have been waiting for inspiration for my New Year’s Resolutions to come.  Nothing really ‘got me going.’  Sure, there is the “I am going to lose a BAJILLION pounds” resolution.   I am not keen on that this year.  As stated in my last post, I am at a pivotal part of my life.  For anyone who is a serious journaler: It’s like coming to the end of one of my larger journals, and shopping around for a brand new one. There is anticipation and promise in the fan of new pages.

They are a day late, but here is my resolution:

*To write a better story in 2012.  This is on the heels of my last post, but I like the wording.  But, what does this mean for me, specifically (because vague resolutions earn vague results, right?)

1. Stick to my Christmas Resolution- To avoid cliche, I made my health resolution on Christmas, and I am already a week ahead-of-the-game as compared to New Years resolutioners. Also, to avoid cliche, I am not going to talk about it unless I stick to it for a month.  So, stay tuned.

2. To ACTUALLY write- The other day I was playing a game with some people from my church.  One of the games had us taking on a role of “the perfect future version of yourself.”  The person who came out was a published writer (on top of being queen of the world, but that one is a bit less attainable, ha!)  So, in the spirit of this “untapped-me,” I started brainstorming a story today.  Part of me knows I am bound to write something, someday.  I also know that writing takes practice, and you won’t write your masterpiece on the first try.  So, it’s time to start.  My goal is to accomplish some concrete form of writing every week (something I could give to a friend if I had to.)

3. To read- I have lived without cable off and on for the last six years.  This is a symptom of being a poor college student, and helped when it came to getting homework done.  Now that I am living at home with my family, there is usually a TV on somewhere in the house.  This usually unwittingly sucks hours out of my day.  A half hour of Storage Wars here, a bit of Dr. Oz there, and I have sapped 2-3 hours out of my day.  As a newly graduated English Major, the research says that reading is one of the best ways to stay mentally “on your game.”  Reading and writing take practice, and practice doesn’t happen when your eyes are glued to a screen.

There you have it.  After a few days of “resolution writers block,” I have something I am willing to submit to.


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