My Sacred Space: Classroom Re-Vamp (Before)

Today was a professional development day for my school, and I was allowed to spend the day re-vamping my room.  The teacher who had my room before me retired in December, and left a good part of her “legacy” behind.  I filled two large trash bags with junk she had stashed in file drawers and closets.

Since beginning teaching, I have dreamed about the space I would create.  Little did I know that the space a teacher gets is heavily haunted by ghosts-of-teachers-past.


(Apparently I am already a #1 teacher, warranting the loving knickknacks of Hallmark bargain bins.)

Here is a glimpse of what I was dealing with (before:)


This picture shows what I’ve already done with my desk area. It used to be on the opposite side of the room, buried in piles of not-graded homework given out by one of the subs that taught the class before I got there (there are 3-4 subs in my position before I got here.)


Upon inspection, these posters were held up by hot glue.  Yep.


Dead space in the corner.  Obama was getting lonely over there.


This area isn’t terrible, but it needed a bit of a face lift.


So concludes the “before” of my classroom re-vamp.  I am breaking this post up into two installments, so check back for the “after!”


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