My Sacred Space: Classroom Re-Vamp (After)

As I’ve gotten farther into my new profession, I’ve had an interesting reaction whist driving my car.  When I drive past a school, I am struck with a sense of reverence.  I am not one to over-spiritualize things, but I’ve found my reaction interesting.  It’s like I am driving past the sacred space where education takes place.  Even though it is not my school, I feel a sort of kinship for what happens behind its walls.  Hence, the title of this blog mini-series.

Okay, so on with the after pictures!  Yesterday I spent an hour in Joanne Fabric finding the perfect fabrics for my boards.  I couldn’t be too girly (I want my room to be male-friendly,) or too loud (you want to be able to see what you’re displaying.)  Here is the compromise:


My phone doesn’t have the best color quality, but the color scheme is mint, brown, and white.

My desk area:


(I inherited an Obama campaign poster!  I am not into politics, but you have to admit that it’s a pretty cool poster!)

Also, notice that I used the rest of my polka dot fabric for the top of my desk (buh-bye dated contact paper!)


You would not believe the fight I had with this board.  Underneath is more blackboard that the past teacher covered with a makeshift pin board made out of foam (we’re talking packing tape holding it up.)  But I managed to make it look decent!


No good CMU English grad’s desk is complete without some Chippewa pride (or a Hunger Games poster!)


One of my first awkward teacher moments happened over these literature-themed teacher posters.  The discussion went like this:

Me: “We need to make some art to replace these ugly, outdated teacher posters.”

8th Graders:  “We got those for Mrs. Finley before she left.”

Me: “…Really?”  (Changes subject.)

Come to find they look less awful if you spend a little time arranging them!  TheyImage

I had to get this “create” sign for two reasons:  1. Because it matches my color theme.  2. I am devoting the entire back wall of my room to my student’s creations.  I am all about student-created decorations!  Also featured are some perfectly-matching magnets that I found!


Like I said in the last post, I didn’t have to do much to this corner.  I replaced the ripping butcher paper with my fabric.  I think a punctuation board is a useful tool in an English classroom, so I kept it!


Another thing that eveyr English class needs is a classroom library!  One nice thing about the previous teacher leaving everything behind is that I’ve inherited a ton of books!  I would say only 1/4 of these are mine!

And there you have it!  It took me eight whole hours to get this done.  I didn’t bore you with documentation of the mountains of papers I had to wade through and the stacks of books I had to lug from one side of the room to the other!

I am sure this isn’t the last you’ll see of my classroom improvements, but I am quite satisfied with today’s renovations!


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