Early Summer Porches, Hidden Treasures, and Building a Marriage

Lately, I’ve been spending my morning on our back patio.   This time of year, my mom and dad get to work bringing the backyard to life.  There are pots and urns scattered under the pine trees, and the clementis of all shades of purple are bursting into little royal sunshines all over the trellases.  One cool/unusual thing about my backyard are the two little potted lemon trees.  Last year they didn’t give us any fruit, but this year there are three little lemons, green and growing slowly.  I have taken pictures of their progress, and I hope to post them soon once you can see a change between the photos.  I’ve also gotten to get out my journal daily and have cracked open my Bible to revist the book of John, which I studied many years ago on another patio surrounded by nature’s beauty at Springhill (the camp where I worked for 5 years.)

Today is my last day of school.  I work in a district in tumalt, where seniority doesn’t mean you have a job next year, and shoulders are hunched and hard like rocks because of the tension in the air.  That is, until you get us outside of school.  The other day we all went painting at a place called “Painting with a Twist” in downtown Ferndale.  It is beatutiful how a little good food, good alcohol, and good art lowers defenses and gets people laughing and relating.  But there is another cool thing that happened during this visit:

I discovered Ferndale.  Tucked away not 10 minutes from my school is a thriving little boho-ish community where hipsters roam the sidewalks and breweries and local cuisine abound.  I couldn’t believe that this gem was so close to my workplace (which is decidedly surrounded by poverty,)  and I had never seen it before.  That leads me to today’s adventure:  Ben and I are looking for houses in this area.  A depressed economy means low-low-low housing costs, so we are throwing our hat in the ring this afternoon and touring with a realtor.

This is happening after another teacher-get-together event.  I like how my associations with this place that I’ve been smitten with have come after times of community with the crew that mans one of DPS’s floundering ships. 

Engagement has been a beautiful state to live in.  It is a tightly wound ball of fears and stress, but it is coated in a delicious layer of hope and purpose that makes it more-than-palatable.  Building a home with the person that you love is an exciting prospect, and the thrill of the chase is thick in our pursuit of the perfect, cost effective home.  It is true that our generation will not see the same prosperity as our parents, but we were children of the prosperous 90s, so we’ve had it coming.  But, that doesn’t take away the excitement of building a home, throwing the biggest party  of our lives, and carving our path together.

Life is beautiful right now.  Beautiful doesn’t mean easy.  Beauty just is.


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