Summer Freedom

One question that I’ve heard a lot since becoming a teacher is “What do you DO with all that time in the summer?”  My answer:  I’ve filled it.

I unofficially went into this summer with a goal:  explore.

(Cave-in-the-Woods, Mackinac Island)

So far, I have done just that.  Half way in, I’ve been all over our Mitten: from Grand Rapids, to Mackinaw, to Sault Saint Marie.  This is my second time on Mackinac Island.  I’ve biked (and walked my bike) up too-tall hills.  I’ve swam in Lake Huron, hovering 50ft over mossy stones that you could clearly see all the way down.  I went geocaching for the first time.  I’ve had an airplane fly right over my head.  I’ve hiked to an inland cave.  I’ve sipped coffee, gained some ground reading George R.R. Martian, eaten amazing food, and even had PBR delivered by a random friend whilst watching the sun set with my sister.

And, my summer is not over yet.  I still have Isle Royal to hike, and Africa to visit.

(Crack-in-the-Island, Mackinac Island.  I took my sister to see it after my solo adventure!)


It isn’t even half way over, but I think I will remember this summer as the Summer of Freedom.


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