Spring is in the air and I am back on the trails!  Since I last blogged, I have gotten married and have moved to the beautiful area of Plymouth, Michigan.  Along with the move comes a whole new set of places to move my feet!  Specifically, I now live along the I275 bike path, which also connects to Hines Park, a 17 mile stretch low-lying land dotted with parks.


The I275 trail has a nice barrier so the sights and noise of the highway are blocked.


Very near my house is a stretch of Hines Park that runs along Newburgh Lake.  On the island in the left of the picture (well, peninsula,) there was an epic goose battle going down.  Honks and squawks echoed across the lake as traditional-looking white geese with orange bills tried to drive the Canada geese away from their nesting area.  I am sure that the Canada geese politely backed away, eh.  “Sorry aboot that, orange bills.”


I never actually made it to Hines Park proper, in favor of an earthen path closer to Ann Arbor Trail.  This bigger path as many sub-paths leading to breathtaking lake views (as showcased in a previous picture.)


It was soothing to see wildlife back at their antics.  This crazy little squirrel found a branch nubbin to chew on.  I also saw quite a few robins and cardinals:

See what I did there?  I’ve been watching through “The Tudors” on Netflix, and this joke had to be made.  But in all seriousness, I DID see a lot of cardinals.

So, that was the first of many spring walks I hope to document!  If you’re new to my blog, I capture my walks as a motivation tool, as well as a memory-capture device to show where my adventurous feet have taken me.  Enjoy!


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