26 Years Old: What I Do Well and What I Want to Learn

I’ve been in a funk lately.  I have a feeling that it may have something to do with a quarter-life crisis,  if those are real.  For about a year, my mind has more easily slipped into gloom-and-doom than my usual default optimism.  I’ve found that as I have entered into the quarter-century of life life, I’ve had to work a lot harder to achieve equilibrium.  I’ve never been a worrier, a cynic, or even a realist.  However, I am finding that these things, in moderation, have been a good addition to my personality as long as I keep them in check.  However, one things that always lifts my spirits to the plane of optimism is setting goals for myself.  Over and above this, I want to also make a list of things I have accomplished in the past two and a half decades of my life.  So, here it goes:

Thing I have accomplished:

Bachelors of Education Degree in English, Religion, and Speech- Yes, it took a while, but I have two majors, a minor, many school involvements, and study abroad under my belt because of the time I spent at CMU.

Marriage- and not just marriage, we are cultivating something that we intend to last.

World Travel– France, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Uganda, and Rwanda. (Okay, Canada counts, too.)

A Secure Circle of Family and Friends- I am not a person who is easily friends with everyone that I meet, so I am proud to have a close circle of people who really care about me.

A Career- It has been a shaky start, but I am really beginning to find positive identity in my role as a teacher.  Also, I think I am darn good at it!

Things I’ve Done and Want to do Better:

I Can Cook- Case in point, I finally got closer to perfection in my quest to be a better strawberry rhubarb pie maker (it is my husband’s favorite dessert).

I Have Religious Knowledge-  This has always been a fascination for me.  Right now, I am in a HUGE questioning period and my faith-o-meter is reading pretty low.  However, I am happy that I’ve cultivated a questioning and inquisitive heart when it comes to Christianity.  Also, I love studying other religions want want to continue doing so.

I Have a Growing Appreciation for Beer–  Four years ago, I wouldn’t touch the stuff.  Now, through experimentation and the encouragement of my friends and husband, I am in love with craft beers and have even gone to a beer tasting dinner.  I would like to gain more knowledge in this area.

I Can Write–  I have kept a steady stream of journals since I was in elementary school.  I can safely say that I can write decently and use it as a tool for expression. However, there is always room for improvement.

My Love for Walking–  I am not sure why I am so in love with walking.  It may be something mystical passed down from my mother’s love of nature.  I have never been “athletic,” but I have always had slow-and-steady endurance, so walking just seems to fit me well. I am so soothed and motivated by long walks, and I seem to encounter the best adventures when I am walking.

I Can Sing and Hold My Own on Stage-  Though I am not very good at reading music, I can sing well and I can easily lend my voice at church or whenever there is a need for it.  Also, I can get up in front of a group of people and be mildly entertaining (improv helped with that, and I do it every day when I teach!)

I Finally have some Video Gaming Skill-  Even though my passion is limited to the Fable series of Xbox games, I can finally say that I am not totally inept at gaming.

I Can Drive-  This is a shout out to myself ten years ago, when 16 year old me could finally drive on her own!

Healthy Eating- I’ve been constantly educating myself since I was a teenager.  However, I’ve let a lot of the good habits I’ve established in the past to lapse as I’ve gotten into my adult life.  My goal is to continue building what I know and continue practicing good choices.

Things I want to be:

I want to be a hiker-  I want to move past simple walks and really get into backpacking.  I was first bitten by the backpacking bug this summer on Isle Royale, and I want to continue building my skills and endurance.

I want to be better at grammar–  Yes, I am an English teacher, and I have struggled with remembering the labels for everything.  I can “DO” grammar very well, but once you start talking about gerunds and participles, my brain glazes over.  I consider grammar the “math” of English, and I am not good at math.  So, my goal is to better my English abilities by re-teaching and retaining grammar rules.

Write a Full-length Story–  A novel?  A chapter book?  Something like that.  I am good at writing non-fiction short stories about my life, because I practice in my journal every day.  I want to expand and write something fiction and longer.

Non-specific craft–  I want to learn how to make something with my hands.  More specifically, I want this to be something that I can make money off of in my spare time.  I will leave this ambiguous for now.  However, two ideas are learning how to sew Renaissance clothing, or learning how to whittle with the woodcarving knives that my grandma left for me (I would love to continue her legacy.)

Well, there you have it!  I hope that I can look back on this post and add more accomplishments to the top and place some tick marks next to the ones “in progress.”  Also, I hope this served as some sort of inspiration to my readers, to not only set goals for yourself, but also remember that there are some goals that you’ve already accomplished that deserve some recognition.  Okay, time to go live day one of my 26th year!  In light of my marriage accomplishment listed above, I will leave you with my favorite wedding photo:


With out powers combined….!


2 thoughts on “26 Years Old: What I Do Well and What I Want to Learn”

  1. Good luck with your to-be list! I suck in all that grammar technicalities and stuff too, never got it. Can’t wait for a post about your mid-life crisis. 😛

  2. I love the way you have a category of what you’ve accomplished, what you’re striving to do, and where you want to go. I was actually thinking of doing something similar for my 25th birthday post which is coming up in a couple months. Looks like you’ve done a ton at 26, and it’s only a brush of the full picture. Best of luck!

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